Monday, January 9, 2012

Most WANTED gear of 2012

2011 was an awesome year for me gear-wise. I got myself a new frame, and alot of new stuff to install onto the frame. Most notable, besides the frame itself, has to be the RockShox Boxxer fork, and the 2 rear shocks from RockShox as well; an air and coil.

There is alot of new stuff for mountain bikers to get excited about, and 2012 is no different. I took a look at  whats interesting for 2012, and why you should keep an eye on it.

Cane Creek Double Barrel Air
Why its hot:
Independent adjustment of high/low speed compression, and high/low speed rebound and naturally a spring rate adjust. This shock is the most adjustable shock on the market, and we like our adjustability. This could be the ONE shock you need for AM and beyond. Cane Creek has a great rep, so I have a feeling that they might just hit the sweet spot with this shock.. The Double Barrel should be available early 2012. 

KS LEV adjustable seatpost
Why its hot:
Im into the impressive reliability of the KS adjustable seatpost, im however not into the remote adjust system they had up until now. Im talking about the fact that the cable was situated at the top of the post, going up and down along the seatpost head, pretty much every adjustable seatpost manufacturer has this solution. Well KS is about to change that with its LEV post.
The cable is fixed in a stationary manner, at the bottom of the post. The new design will give a cleaner and more direct routing line to the seatpost, and will allow greater flexibility with different bicycle geometries and manufacturers, and hence, better cable management. No more cables rubbing the rear tire.
They are targeting a weight of around 460 grams, which is 100 grams lower then it’s predecessor, and it should be available in early 2012.

A Fox Float 36 KILLER Fork
Why its hot:
I really like my Fox Float 36, it has an amazing AM performance, but I would like to see a fork that can outdo it. Well to "kill" the Fox Float 36, 2 forks come to mind; first the RockShox - Lyrik RC2 DH. Take the praised RockShock Boxxer, shorten it to 170mm, make it single crown, and you got yourself a Lyrik RC2 DH. I want to test if all the hype about this fork is true, is it really better than a Fox 36 Float?
The second fork that might be up to the challenge is the BOS Deville. Pretty everyone who's been on this fork has nothing but positive things to say, and claims about it outperforming the Float 36 are often heard. BOS has a very solid background, and alot of allround praise backing them up, there might just be some truth to the claims.

Good leg armor
Why its hot:
While I havent found a good leg armor yet, I want it to be comfortable, and give me a proper protection. Thats not hard, is it? Well apparently it is..

Twenty6 Predator Pedals 2012
Why its hot:
Thin, large, lightweight, reliability, and the best pin system ive seen on the market.Want. They should be available in early 2012.

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