Monday, September 26, 2011

Review - Canfield Brothers ONE 2011

Bout time I post this review. I wont go large on the words here, let me keep it somewhat simple this time:

4 different travel settings, 2 different shocks lenghts: (165mm-190mm with 216x63mm shock / 177mm-203mm with 222x70mm shock).
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This is the geo for the medium. See more sizes at the Canfield Brothers website.
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According to the Canfield Brothers, this link takes 8 hours of CNC work. Check out the sturdy 20mm bearings, they should last 2-3 years according to Canfield Brothers. "Its the kind of bike where you dont have to do anything" - Chris Canfield.
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 Sturdy ISCG tabs.
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Weight without shock, size medium, in kg (thats 7.94 lbs):
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The good:

-Very good pedalling efficiency
-Feels very nimble despite its weight
-Absolute ripper when pointing it downward
-Very playfull, and skill boosting
-Feels mistake swallowing
-Versatility! Strap on a dual crown and you got yourself a capable DH bike. And it really feels like one.
-Feels strong and stiff
-Very low top tube, makes alot of room for tricks.
-Works great with Air and a Coil shock
-Full 1.5 headtube, makes it compatible with everything
-Geometry that's years ahead of time

The bad:

-way too low BB in the 165mm setting - with a 160mm fork in the front
- poorly designed dirt "pockets"
- a X12 rear axle would have been better
-You might get problems with pedal-strikes in pedally rocky tech sections if you sag the shock alot (35%+) (too low BB)

Score 5/6

AM setup. Easy to pedal uphill, lots of high speed stability, and playfull. Aggressive AM it is.
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DH setup. More travel while still retaining its playfull character. Its not a full-breed race-dh bike in this setup, but its great for bikeparks.
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Btw, the German mag called "FREERIDE" did a 2011 ONE review. They rated it with a nice 9.5 out of 10. Check it out here.

Got a comment? or a question? feel free to write in the comments section, I does not require a sign-in.


  1. I believe the 216mm shock is no longer an official option on the 2011 One. The BB would be ridiculously low with a short shock like that.
    You can however use a 222mm*63mm shock (some air shocks come in that size), this will not lower the BB and still give you 165/190mm travel.

    Anyhow, thanks for the review and great blog! It has provided some inspiration for my own "One", which I am putting together right now. I went with an Elka shock and a Fox40, can't wait to ride it.

  2. ... oh and regarding BB height with the Fox 36 - if your fork has a 1-1/8" steerer (I assume it does since you swap it for a Boxxer in your DH setup), you could try a different headset. I'm running a Hope 1.5->1-1/8 stepdown headset in mine, it has a Zero Stack top cup, but a 13mm tall bottom cup.

  3. Hi there Lelebebbel, glad you like the blog : ) Thabnks for the heads up regarding the shock and headset.

    I actually got a "Da Bomb - Da Konverter" headset, that has a tall bottom cup as well. I haven't installed it yet, as my regular trails don't pose a real problem with the low BB. In fact, I enjoy it most of the time : ) But that's just me.

  4. Hi,

    thanks for your inspirations on the "The One" frame and sharing your experience through this blog. I own this frame myself too and agree with you on your rating.
    Can u tell me what kind of tune-type your VividR2C is and what kind of spring you use?
    I'm running the same damper, and I'm quiet unsure about my current setup (M/M tune with a 450spring, 95kg rider+gear, used at Bikeparks).


  5. Hi there

    My Vivid R2C 2011 uses a Medium rebound tune, and High compression tune with a 450 spring. Im about 83kg in full body armor.

    Btw, wrote a review of the Vivid here:

  6. Hi there. Could you tell me how much sag on front fork are you on ?

  7. Hi there, im actually running very little sag on the front, between 5% and 10%. I ride flowy trails, so It works great here.

  8. What fork are/were you running for your AM setup? I've got a Totem on order as a sort of happy medium, to truly use it as a one bike. I'll swap wheelsets and adjust the head angle for DH. Just wondering what your AM fork was, and how you dug the setup. I may eventually try a Lyrik and Fox 40 alternating setup, but Totem just made more sense as a starting point, particularly cost-wise.

    Appreciate your write-ups (here and MTBR)!


  9. @Dakhil

    Im using the Fox 36 rc2, but im not really satisfied, its way too progressive in the end stroke. You should definitely take a look at the Lyrik DH, it gets raving reviews pretty much everywhere. Glad you enjoy the blog btw : )