Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Making lemonade

Nature shots, gear-shots, and an ass.

Random is random:

I usually have control in this particular drop, but boy did I nearly fuck this one up. Pants changed..
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Seeing wild horses in the nature is a rare sight in these parts, but nonetheless that's what I saw on a recent ride. Awesome!
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I use my experience with rings (ahem) when I install additional progression-rings for my BOS VIP'R 2 shock. The end-stroke is too harsh, and I hope this can make things better.
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Trailside rear-shock switch, this trail demanded a good end stroke-support; Off with the VIP'R2 ...in with the trusty Vivid Air.
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Tightening my spokes on my "belowed" e13 wheels. I hope that they implode into dark matter, that way I have an excuse to buy some other hoops. 
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Random! Redrum!

So got a few random shots dialed in, some very new, some a few weeks old, check it out:

Forget all about Rampage, the local trail got everything you need to make you own carved line of "insanity"..(the drop is in the lower left corner)
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Martin on his new YT Jeffsy. Its being tested for air-compatibility ; ) From what we hear its a good bike.
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Jan about to hit the new platform drop. We are still testing its limits, but landing it outside the added constructed transition is definitely possible.
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Karl on his GT, eating a bit of air. (and dirt later on)
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Tom on his now BOS-equipped Capra. And wide rims.
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So that's all for now.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Shoe fetish

So...it has come to this: I am an unofficial sponsor of FiveTen I guess.

(I could do the same with my personal collection of 428 toy-trains, but they hang on my wall in my bedroom and living room, and it would take me a lot of time to pull them all down just to show them of.)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review: 100% Aircraft Helmet

Finally got a lot of riding with my 100% aircraft helmet, and thought I would do a review.
This is the new helmet from 100%, the Aircraft. Claimed to be the most ventilated helmet on the market. This helmet is litteret with vents (25 vents actually), uses aerospace carbon and the air-intake ports at the mouth are huge, this, coupled with its low weight (1006 grams) made me go for this model. And looks like 100% vent all in, even the d-buckle is made out of titanium to keep the weight low. Only drawback; its also one of the most expensive helmets out there. So is it worth the money? Take a look:

The Aircraft helmet features an aerospace Carbon/Kevlar composite shell, and packed with 25 vents.
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This helmet is just beautiful, pics does not make the architecture justice. Here you see the rear exhaust ports.
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I'm not a fan of the d-buckle system, its okay, but I would have preferred a different system, like, say a magnetic system. Btw the D-buckle is made out of titanium, hell, even the hardware is made out of alu.
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The air-intake at the mouth is huge. And one of the selling points for me.
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Ive been using this helmet on extremely hot days in the bikepark, and its surprisingly cool and comfortable considering its a fullface helmet. The mouth port is big, and takes in a lot of air, and I really like that. The helmet is lightweight and non-intrusive with my Leatt Brace. You don't think about the helmet, and that's awesome.
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This is definitely a helmet I would recommend, Its a bit more expensive, but worth it imo.
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The Good:
-Very ventilated
-Very comfortable
-Use it for sessions as well
-Huge air-intake at the mouth

The Bad:
-Im not a fan of the d-buckle system

Score: 5/6

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates..

...but I'm busy repairing my gear.