Monday, May 30, 2016

3 Schwalbe tires in 6 days....





Nobby Nic - Gatestar version - Carcass rupture
Magic Mary - DH version - Carcass rupture
Nobby Nic - EVO snakeskin version - Carcass rupture

"Snakeskin" my ASSSSS

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Shots Part 2/2

More randomssss:

Seconds before a huge OTB crash that resulted in two black eyes and a cracked helmet. While I won't mention names here, It rimes with "Jan".
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Now and then a trailbuiler needs a beer. Over time that accumulates a bit. (its all been correctly disposed off, so sit down you zealous tree-hugger and drink a kool-aid)
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Thomas_2 climbing all the way to the top (no really, he was climbing on his knees, crying like a little boy, lost in the cellar of a catholic church) ; )
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Bikepark chill. Note the Carbon Cannondale Jeckyll on the left, It was specced with the Schwalbe ProCore system, and it was a piece of garbage according to the owner, nothing but trouble and leaks.
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Thats it!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Random Shots Part 1/2

Lots of riding (yay!), and lots of random shots, take a look:

Doing a small drop-scrub
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Thomas_2 pulling as much air as possible out of this jump in Sct Andreasberg on his trailbike.
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True story here: We actually saw this girl blowing her boyfriend while they where going down in the gondola, while Thomas_2 and I where going up! What has this world come to I ask? Next kids will be blowing each-other while riding as passengers in the car with their parents. I for one, will have none of that thank you! (ish)
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Speaking of park, I just had to test my Capra in a bikepark, my gawd the Pike got murdered. Compared to my BOS Idylle RaRe, the Pike is a piece of useless shit. 
Travel? what Travel?
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ENVE rim DEAD! (Bikepark related)
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Tom on his Capra, improving every time I see him climbing on-board this bike.
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Stay tuned for more.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Preview: Adidas Terrex Trail Cross 2016

Is this the FiveTen killer?     *shock!*

This shoe probably slipped under your radar didn't it? Well its the Adidas Terrex Trail Cross shoe, the Adidas attempt at a shoe for platform pedals. Im nearing my first month on these shoes, and here are my quick notes;

Surprisingly stylish. Stiff bottom, a hard toe, and ankle section.
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Note the bottom pattern, finally a shoe that's easy to climb with as well for those session days, even on rainy days.
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813grams does not place it among the lightest shoes, nor the most heavy.
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 Adidas owns FiveTen, so they have the right to the Stealth rubber. And the the durable stealth rubber, not the self destructive MI6-rubber found in the new line of FiveTen.

YAASSS!!! Finally a bungee for laces! Mah gawd we can send freaking astronauts to the moon but can't control laces (FiveTen wakeup!)
(click to enlarge)

First impressions are very positive, I will however add that they take a bit to bed in.
(click to enlarge)

So how do these shoes fare, and how do they compare to the platform pedal shoe maker giant FiveTen, well stick around as I write my final review.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The problem with Fox...

...Is that they continue to have a too hard compression rate.

Whilst not a empiric study at all, We have tried to show of the difference between the two forks:

Raw data:

2016 FOX 36 FLOAT FACTOR vs 2015 Rockshox Pike RCT3

-Both forks are 160mm
-Both are set at about 20% sag
-Fox has its high and low compression setting set to absolute zero(open)
-Pike is set to "Open"
-We rode the same line in the video, at same speed.
-We tried to switch bikes to compare feel (not shown in vid)
-Rebound was very close to same speed on the forks.
-Both bikes are YT Capras

And the conclusion was clear; the Pike felt more smooth to ride, the fork used more travel to absorb the terrain. We both agreed that the Pike was more fun to ride, and a tad faster. Don't get me wrong, the Fox 36 is not a bad fork, its great, but the Pike felt better.

Nonempirical test. Shot at 240fps, last part is reduced to 480fps.

Dear Fox, look at what Rockshox and BOS does.