Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oldie but Goldie #4

"Oldie but Goldie" series will be my tribute to the "old days". When 640mm bars where considered wide, carbon was fragile, and adjustable seatposts didn't exist. And I'm doing it, for the fun of it.

Peter rocking a 29'er before you even heard of them.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

tihS tahT kcuF

This is how it looks(ish) when I peek out of my window. I sincerely feel robbed.

And this is my current setup. My DB AIR is on its way back from TF TUNED, and you might have noticed a missing fork in the pic, well its at TF TUNED as well, for servicing, and a PUSH upgrade!
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That's it, I'm officially out of mountainbiking as long as the snow is present. tihS tahT kcuF.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Small update

Small update on whats been going on lately. Some whine this time.

So my Cane Creek Double Barrel had a meltdown, as some of you know. I gotta say, I'm disappointed, after just a month+ of testing, really?
Ian from TF Tuned wrote to me that "It sounds like your shock has got emulsified oil" I wonder how it got emulsified in the first place? I think that the (re)serviced shock should be in my hands again within 2 weeks. I should have a review ready for you guys in May, score will reflect reliability as well. And you know that I like my reliability served cold.

So while the DB Air is being serviced. I slapped on my RockShox VIVID R2C. Great performance, fun to use, and RELIABLE. I do suffer a bit on the climbs tho'.

So while I do go a bit apeshit on my CaneCreek fail, its nothing compared to the current weather situation. Its downright depressing! I heard one news station call it Winter-March. Man this suck big time, we had such a sweet thing going for us in the beginning of march, with great weather, trailgaps, and all round good times. Whyy??

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recent riding

Some recent shots. The weather has (shortly) been awesome, that resulted in a whole lot of riding. No frost.

Obviously the new trailgap has been sessioned. Alot. Here you see Hennning on his 3rd or 4th try. 
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Being a guinea pig on a new feature, such as the trail gap, is interesting in so many ways. There is an anticipation in the air, and a lot of questions are left unanswered until the first hit. How is the landing, the lip, what entry speed is needed, is it trickable? There is no one to answer, you have to find out for yourself. Here we stand after the few first hits, oblivious of the camera, and discuss exactly these things. Good times, that I've come to appreciate.
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Kim brought his new ride. A 2012 Norco Sight. Revelation up front, fox in the rear, Reverb post among the highlights. Its a nice and capable trailbike.
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Kim goes in between the trees. He had an actual fear that the bike would snap at the trail gap, obviously no such thing happened. We all know that only carbon snaps ; )
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Inspecting bikes.
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I blew my CC DB AIR. While riding, the shock suddenly began to make suction/slurping sounds for about 10 minutes, the sound went away, but the ride felt weird, I shortly after concluded that the Low Speed Rebound adjustment was completely ineffective. There is no difference between fully opened and fully closed! I assume it has something to do with air being somewhere it shouldn't be? *facepalm*
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The trail gap

Hitting it. The trail gap that is.

The exit speed is just INSANE.

Watch in HD HERE

Low Res embedded version:
No Sound. Simple edit. 13sec.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

..wait a minute.

..the local trail builders are up to something. There has been talk of a trail gap for AGES, and now it finally looks like its coming together. Interesting indeed.

Transition is where the camelbak is at.
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Stay tuned.