Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm passive because I'm active.

Stay tuned.

Unrelated picture:
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Best vids of 2013

I uploaded 26 vids onto this blog in 2013, here are my 6 best vids of that year. Sit back and enjoy.

In chronological order:

"Frost 2013" was the first vid of 2013, and has to be one of my best edits ever. The footage, music, and scene choice just feels right. Its a vid I'm proud of.

"I welcome Spring" ..Was driven by the influence of beer. I make my most energetic edits when drunk, and this is no different. Its doesn't always make sense, but it doesn't have to. The intro, the cuts, the footage, the outro.. it still makes me smile when I watch it.

"Like a BOS" was shot in just an hour, and editing didn't take much longer either, but its still one of my favorite vids of 2013. Great energy, and an awesome day.

"Treegap" actually came into existence more by accident than actual planning. We just wanted to document me guinee pigging the tree gap, and have some footage in case I died. But that didn't happen. I ended up having alot of footage, and decided to make this edit. I think it came out pretty good. It still takes me back to that day.

"3" Drea and I went to 3 different bikeparks in 3 days, this vid is the product of that. I almost hit a kid during a descend in this vid, and that has to count for something ; )

"Slow 2013" is a huge collection of high speed footage recorded in 2013, I think that the vid came out pretty good, so go ahaed and watch it.

Friday, March 21, 2014


A few shots from recent rides. The weather has been awesome, so ive been doing a whole lot of riding.

Testing a new line called "Split". Its a line that splits into 3 separate lines, each offering different drops/jumps. 

Fun on the big-bike.

Another new line and jump, in its test-phase, micro adjustments can make or break a jump.

Ive said it before, and ill say it again: its not a foot tap, if the foot doesn't touch the ground ; )

Adjusting the camera angle, is not my biggest force.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

When 35mm is big enough..

Ive never really advocated new "standards" here on my blog, in fact, I've mostly advocated against it. But this time around ill make an exception.
The industry is pushing a new bar and stem standard; the 35mm size. 35mm bars and stem allows for lighter weight components while remaining not only as strong as its 31,8 counterparts, but stronger! Yes, there you have it, stronger and lighter. And that makes it interesting =  no drawbacks. 

I decided to change my cockpit on my DH-bike, from the standard 31,8, to the new 35mm. This is what I went for;

Easton Havoc Bolt-On 35. Adjustable from 45mm to 50mm. At a crazy 110grams - and that's with steel hardware. And since its Easton, you can be sure its been tested to withstand even the coldest Putin-stare.
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Easton Havoc 35 Carbon Bar. 800mm, 35mm clamp size. Easton is right up there with ENVE, when it comes to carbon quality, hence my choice. I took out my saw and reduced it to 780mm, my preferred width for the big bike.
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Complete bar and stem combo. 330g.
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Complete bar and stem combo it replaces. 508g. A Renthal Fatbar 780mm (probably the most comfortable bar I've ridden btw) and a Superstar Components Zero Fifty 50mm stem.
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Raw weight data. You know you want it:
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Design change

The observant reader has probably noticed, that I've done some design changes here on All Mountain Next. Its not just for the looks of it, I've broadened the page itself, making room for bigger embedded vids, yay!

Note that some older posts can look a bit buggy, but its mostly just cosmetic.

Btw, if someone out there knows the code to directly embedding HD-vids of YouTube, then please tell me so in the comments section. YouTube is still in the stone age, and embeds in a default low-definition.

Anyway, that's all.

"The new blog design is more enduro-specific" *facepalm*

Friday, March 7, 2014

Improvised fun

After just a few hours of work, a line came to life. Good times : )

Watch in HD HERE

Low-q embedded version:
Simple edit. With sound. HD-option available. 1m 24sec.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reviews in review

I took a good look at my reviews of 2013, and although I stick to my ratings for the wast majority of the reviews I've done, there was a few adjustment I would like to make. Take a look at what, and why;

Twenty6 Predator Ti Pedal 2013
The pedal ultimately failed, and there is little room for that in my book. I hope the 2014 fares better, but for now, the 2013 model is having its review adjusted.
Check out the revised review HERE. 

Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal
Its not often that I get negative feedback on a review, but I actually got some for my review of the Canfield Brothers Crampon Mag Pedal. The critique was that I scored it too low, and that it had way more grip than I credited it to have. The response made me curious, I went back to the Crampon pedal, and tried to make it more grippy by removing pins, to add more weight-per-pin. I tried different configurations, and the results where still the same; While there was a little improvement grip-wise, this pedal still stood in the shadows of the Twenty6 Predator Ti Pedal, and the Point One Racing Pedal.

The score has not been altered, I stand by it.
Check out the review HERE.