Monday, March 20, 2017

The birth of All Mountain Next LITE!

Welcome to All Mountain Next LITE!

This is a scaled down version of my All Mountain Next Blog, this "LITE" version is updated whenever I want, with what I want. The number of updates is going to be fewer, but that lies in the word "LITE" I guess. There will still be an occasional review, a video, pics, and an opinion. I might go out of left field once in a while, unless I reserve that for an entire new project I'm working on. Anyway..Its going to be good, so stick around..

Cya! : )

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Death of All Mountain Next

This is the final post of All Mountain Next as you know it. Its been a fun and educative 7 year long run for me. But it ends here.

So I ended up with;

528 posts

..during the 7-year-ish lifespan. And can proudly say that I had the biggest non-commercial mtb-blog in the country I live in.

And a few fun facts:
Amount of  FiveTen shoes torn to pieces during the life of this blog: 13
Visits to the ER: 2
Broken bones: 0
Broken honor: 2
Bikes owned during the life of this blog: 6
Bikes broken during the life of this blog: 3
Carbon frames broken during the life of this blog: 2
Pedals destroyed during the life of this blog: 4
Amount of countries I visited on my bike during the life of this blog: 8
Worst bike so far: Trek Fuel EX 8
Worst component so far: Crankbrothers Joplin
Amount of bears spotted from the lift:1
Amount of blowjobs spotted from the lift:1
Most famous mtb-person I've met and talked to: Brett Tippie
Most Visitors from: USA
Most popular post (views): Review: POC vs FOX vs 661 vs SCOTT
Most controversial post (hate mails): The problem with Fox...
My personal favorite post: The Anatomy of Intelligent Trail Design

I am spoiled in my own autonomy, and haunted by my own ambitions. So I end it here, and start to focus on other aspects of life. Thanks all! : )

Stay tuned...what who said that??