Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Shot in a single day, out with Henning and Jan, this is my salute to SPRING. We where hitting the Skull Drop, the new double, Mr.Madsens Bad Idea Drop version 2, and some classics along the way as well. Yay Spring!

1m27sec. HD available HERE!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Back then..

So we just sessioned this particular spot, where good airtime is possible. We tried to whip and throw some tables, but none of it really stuck. For every good one we pulled, we had at least 9 bad ones, fuck. We where having fun trying tho'.

So when I got back home, I remembered that I was hitting this spot almost 4 years ago, and, man, I had my shit dialed back then:

No sound. Short edit. HD available. 4 year old footage:

I need to get back into the game. Beers on me!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2015 Performance Line 2.1"

Done testing an old nemesis.

Schwalbe is back with a revised version of the Nobby Nic tire, a hugely successfull trail tire. This is the third generation, and I guess Schwalbe would say its their best yet. Last time I had the Nobby Nic strapped on, it pretty much disintegrated, I thought it was a useless piece of shit, as pointed out in my review. For whatever reason (well I guess its because they finally admitted that the old didn't work), Schwalbe did an entire re-modeling of how the knobs are positioned....again. So have they finally nailed it?

Nobby Nic - third generation.
(click to enlarge)

26". Performance line 2.1"
Claimed weight; 515g
Close enough imo.
(click to enlarge)

Current Generation3 to the left vs  Generation2 to the right.
(click to enlarge)

The knob position finally makes (more) sense, and the tire is performing at an outstanding level. I have been using it alot in the wet, conditions where Schwable tires usually fail to deliver in my experience compared to the competition. Dry performance is solid.
(click to enlarge)

Side knobs are finally pushed more out, to allow more of a channel-like distribution. I say more, because Schwalbe is not quite there yet.
(click to enlarge)

I still strongly advocate the open channel system, that Maxxis, Specialized and Michelin has done for years. The Nobby Nic is aaalmost there.
(click to enlarge)

This is a tire with a great value. It has a nice big profile, sideknobs that finally make sense, rolls okay, and is easy to setup tubeless. The grip is good, predictable and the tire itself is very lightweight.
I have to admit that I'm a bit surprised by this latest installment, Schwalbe finally nailed it the third time! And its cheap too!

(I have to stress out that this is a tire I have been testing on the rear only!)

The good:
-Great grip!
-Big overall profile
-Tubeless friendly installation
-Works great in versatile environments
-Rolls surprisingly easy
-Great Tubeless performance

The Bad:
-Long term durability is unknown. I will get back regarding this.
-Tends to burp at low pressure (sub 2 bars) in a tubeless setup, more so than my former Specialized Butcher tire. I only experience this when stressing the tire sideways tho' - so take it for what it is.

Size: 2.1"
Tested on: Rear
Claimed weight: 515 gram
Actual weight: 526 gram


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just sayin'

Connect it the way you want.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Specialized Boomslang Flat Pedal

In development by Jason Chamberlain, the main man behind FSR suspension at Specialized since...wait for it..2010! Yes these pedals has been in development for five years. Now they are finally here, but are these pedals worth the wait? Are the 5 years well spent? or is this pedal left behind by the competition? Read on, and find out.

110x108mm and 10mm thickness.
 Note the spare pins on the side. Its a neat feature, but does this feature solve a problem that doesn't exist? Think about it for a sec.. You still need the tool right?
(click to enlarge)

Claimed weight: 430grams
Actual weight: 435 grams
(click to enlarge)

To keep the pedal as thin as possible, Specialized came up with a way to access the outboard needle bearing via a “trap door” in the middle of the pedal. This helps in keeping the pedal as thin as possible without resorting to laying bare the axle in the middle or having to run super thin bushings instead of bearings. This rotating "trap door" is held in place by two traction pins. Its definitely a different way of doing things.
(click to enlarge)

11 pins per side. It might be a bit hard to see, but the pins are time-glass shaped. The grip is okay, above average I would say. I usually advocate against pins that has to be uninstalled by removing them backwards, but I think Specialized got around the potential problems with its design, largely thanks to the time-glass shape.
(click to enlarge)

Specialized is promoting the Boomslang as being big. Well perhaps it is for some, but not in comparison to the TwentySix Predator pedal. The Predator is 1/3 lighter as well. Both are equally thin.
(click to enlarge)

Btw, take a look at this old 2011 prototype with 8mm pins! I wish Specialized at least offered these pins as an option.
(click to enlarge)
Overall the pedal was a surprise grip-wise, but a disappointment size wise. Pins are an important factor of a pedal, and Specialized did alot of things right regarding just that. But with a relatively small pedal body, I end up being unimpressed. Your foot has to be placed just right on the pedal to get the most out of it, whereas a bigger pedal allows more freedom of foot placement.
I can't comment the reliability, as this isn't a long-term test, I'm returning these pedals soon. 

In the end, this is a pedal that stands in the shadow of the TwentySix Predator pedal. (I'm testing version 2 of that very pedal and will post a review once I break the 14 month barrier) For pretty much the same money you could get the Steel axle version of the Predator pedal, and its a pedal that I regard better in every single aspect.

The Good:
-Pins bite well into FiveTen shoes
-They feel tough
-Overall pin-design is smart

The Bad:
-Medium sized at best. (Shut up, I know my pedals)

Score: 4/6

Friday, April 3, 2015

Best vids of 2014

I uploaded 20 vids onto this blog in 2014, here are my 3 best vids of that year. Sit back and enjoy.

In non-chronological order:

Lets start of with this video. I like it, but I dislike it. But mostly I like it. Fuck. It started with a good intend. I wanted to document our French trip and boil in down into a 3 minute video, and I  was on top of it, I really was!.. Then the alcohol kicked in... And there it was, a peak into the neurosis stuff, and I was having fun doing it - so it stayed in the final cut. I don't get the ending.

2m37sec HD available.

Now this is way more relaxed. An awesome day in the woods, shots got captured the way I wanted it to, and the music just lined up.


Pushing stuff is some of the best and most rewarding things to do on a mountain bike. And to capture one of those situations on video is special, well it is for me anyway. This is such occasion. We  (Drea and I) where to hit Mr.Madsens Bad Idea Drop (Version1) for the very first time. We where the very first people doing it, and that triggered some serious brainfuck. Anyway, we did it, and we got it on cam, check it out;

40sec. HD available.

A honorable mention has to be Drea breaking his glasslike body (I kid bro) in Germany. Check that out HERE.