Sunday, March 29, 2015

Random is Random

Recent random shots from different trips. Its a quickie, check it out : )

Choose your poison.
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Jan having a bit of fun.
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Its been raining alot, but having trail conditions like this is awesome. No mud. NO MUD.
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Landing the Skull-Drop
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Been running the 2015 Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires tubeless recently. The installation was very easy, and the performance has been really good so far, I have to admit.
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Seconds before a crash..
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gravity loves you long time

So doing a test-sessions on Mr Madsens Bad idea Drop Version 2, we had our share of drop-to-flats. Spine compressing bottom outs that where literally felt the day after ; )

Here I present the best Jan and I could do;

Jan going way too slow, and slamming it to flat.
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I'm actually on the 2017 Canfield Brothers ONE. It has 10mm of travel up front, and 6mm out back. The bottom bracket height is so low (80mm), that spinning the cranks isn't possible. But that's not a concern, as this new bike is made to go doooown. Cheers.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hitting Mr.Madsen (version2)

(transition highlighted)
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First off, we didn't die. And I'm okay with that! Secondly, props to Jan for being the first one to hit it. I had to walk it a few more times before hitting it, but in the end, I earned my balls as well. It wasn't actually our intent to hit it this day, if it was, I would have brought my brace and fullface helmet...I mean, come on, guiney pigging shit this big.. Then all of the sudden Jan decided to go for it, and well... I pretty much had to play ball as well ; )
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So what's new for the Version2 of this drop? Well the green stuff below is the additional woodwork compared to Version1. The drop is extended, and therefor bigger overall, BUT the transition is way more easy to hit, even at lover speeds. We had to ride this drop at warp speed before to reach the transition, no more. We are hitting it at half speed now...And I can only imagine what this drop has to offer when hit at full speed. I want to find out..but that is going to be a session with a fullface and brace..
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Well deserved. What a fucking awesome day!
(Slots Beer initially had a "U" instead of "O", but for some odd reason the international market didn't embrace this name)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mr. Madsens Bad Idea Drop - Version 2

^^^^how I actually feel^^^^

Shit got bigger..Bikes are rolling..stay tuned.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Escapism

I mentioned this little roadgap back in late 2014. The run-in is perfect, the landing is sloped, all it needs is a good takeoff. And I have been thinking about this feature everyday since. When I eat, work, sleep or make love. So this is how it goes;

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Road, Takeoff and Landing outlined. 
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Being too much at work makes me think; I am going to hit that road gap with a frontflip no-hander. Its a trick I pull off pretty much everytime I'm out riding. This is how I imagine it will look. (I used paint - in case you wondered how this picture got made)
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That is all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Preview: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2015

Back to an old nemesis.

Schwalbe is back with a revised version of the Nobby Nic tire, a hugely succesfull trail tire. This is the third generation, and I guess Schwalbe would say its their best yet. Last time I had the Nobby Nic strapped on, it pretty much disintegrated, I thought it was a useless piece of shit  as pointed out in my review. For whatever reason (well I guess its because they finally admitted that the old didn't work), Schwalbe did an entire remodeling of how the knobs are positioned....again. So have they finally nailed it?

26" performance line 2.1"
Claimed weight; 515g
Close enough imo.
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Current Generation3 to the left vs  Generation2 to the right.
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My initial experience is positive. The knob position finally makes (more) sense, and the tire is performing at an acceptable level. I have been using it alot in the wet, conditions where Schwable tires usually fail to deliver in my experience compared to the competition.
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Side knobs are finally pushed more out, to allow more of a channel-like distribution. I say more, because Schwalbe is not quite there yet.
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I still strongly advocate the open channel system, that Maxxis, Specialized and Michelin has done for years. The Nobby Nic is aaalmost there.
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So how will this tire perform? Will it die like the old Nobby Nic did, or will it be flawless? How does it performs as tubeless tire, and is it mistake swallowing, all that, and more coming in a review soon. Stay tuned.