Friday, April 30, 2010

Latest in-country DH session

I was out with a friend to fight the downhill sections at Munkebjerg a few weeks ago, and finally got some pics of that session. Weather was good, motivation strong, just mix in some laughs, a few crashes, some rockgarden pfilosophy and you're on your way!

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Erik pinning it:
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I've been tuning the rear shock to be more compliant on the downhills, by running a lower psi, thus going with a bigger sag. I think its around 30-40%. It feels amazing, and so damn faster, but makes me use the end-stroke alot, and makes me flirt with the "bottom out" - problem alot when things get hot. Makes me wish for more rear-shock travel, I guess 180-200mm would suffice for this kind of riding. Picture below shows my rear-shock working in the very end-stroke.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


more to come..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Preview: Schwalbe Fat Albert Rear 2.3 Evo

Need a light-weight all-mountain rear tire? Well the Fat Albert Rear 2.3 Evo might be your ticket. This rear-specific tire comes in at just 654 grams, not bad for at large volume casing and SnakeSkin sidewalls.
Schwalbe is claiming tough durability and long living lugs, time will tell if they are right. Speaking of lugs, they seem a bit small, and I wonder if they grip when things get tough. So far the tire has proven itself pretty good. Good for climbing, braking, and even got it into a controlled drift the other day. I need to do some more testing - watch this space.

Finally something that extracts weight of my bike! ; ) 

Nobby Nic in disguise?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some trail riding in the sun.

The weather really cleared up, allowing for some rides, so thats what we did : ) This time around was a bit less aggressive, and more xc/trail, with focus on high speed descends - and that part sure was fun.

Testing the wider bar:
Thomas refining his descending skills:
Well ok, there was room for a little improvised drop : )
ahh, the nature:
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Preview: Sixpack Millenium - Handlebar

It seems to me that anyone who has got some set of higher skill levels on a bike is running a wider bar. Stability and control is what the deal is about. And the best riders in the world swear by it. The trend started in the US and Canada a few years ago, and its just been spreading like a wildfire, riders in the UK, Germany and France began to pick up these super wide bars, and more and more companies started to make wide bars.. 
I want to know what the buzz is about, so I got my fingers on the Sixpack Millenium handlebar - 760mm of 7075-T6 alloy thats double butted - all wrapped in a white powder coated finish. 
I want to know how it affects my riding for XC, trail, AM, light FR, and some DH and steeet. And I hope to conclude my findings with a review here on this blog. Meanwhile, check out the pics:

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(cut the bar a bit down to about 74cm, its about 75cm with endcaps)
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Had my first AM ride today with the new bar, and its very promising regarding to jumps, drops and overall descends. More to come.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Preview: Pure Racing KS 900i 2010

Being fed up with my Crank Brothers Joplin L and its questionable durability and reliability, I decided to try out the Pure Racing KS 900i. Its supposed to be improved for 2010 by having new DU bushings and open bath oil lubrication. The 900i has 125mm (5") of height adjustment, thats 2" more than the Joplin, and I really welcome that. So far its working great, it feels solid and tight.

The KS 900i adjustable seatpost has gotten some great reviews lately, so im expecting a product that works, and continues to work with no durability or reliability issues - thank you. Keep your eyes on this blog, as I hope to post a full review when I finish testing this seatpost mid summer.

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A bit more heavy than the Joplin:
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I hope to do a comparison review at some point, between the Joplin L, and the KS 900i:
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter riding 2

Todays trip took us across the border. Germany to be precise. Well, the trip started in Denmark, everything was good, the company was great, and we where set to go, everything went ok in the beginning, but somehow my skillset decided to plunge in the middle of the day, leaving me with a crash, and bad hucking skills. Fuck that - I managed to rise and eventually ended the day by hucking the biggest shit ive ever taken outside a bikepark. Awesome! Thanks all.

Returning to an old "friend":
Peter shows us how its done:
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Kim shows us how not to do it : ) :
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Warming up:
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The happy ending; hucking the biggest drop ive taken outside a bikepark:

(Some pics where shot and compiled by martin, so thanks man.)

Im tired.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter riding 1

Easter is here, and what better way to enjoy it than riding abit, here goes a few pics:

Going down, wheelie style : )
Thomas battling the tricky descends:
We found a pretty good huck... and the we hucked the shit out of it:
Dicking around, its supposed to be fun, right? ; )
Ready for more.