Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recent riding

The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag. There has been sun, but showers of rain as well. Ive been riding it all. From xc to trail, to AM, and even some ligh FR sessioning. The bike is dialed, so im really enjoying myself. I shot some pics along the way, check it out.

Riding in sunny weather like this, at this time of the year is a true joy. Last year was a different story, and I keep reminding myself about that.
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More leaning, less, uhm, footing. Great little berm, that you can hit hard.
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Bringing a small grill to a ride is the besy idea since sliced bread : )
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Peter showed up on a all day xc trip with the most exotic "mountain" bike, youll never ride. Single speed with a 32x16 setup, 29'er wheels, platform pedals, and a curved handlebar. The cool part was that he did very well on this bike.
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The xc ride was somewhat refeshing, I was happy to see that I could outclimb (or at least keep up with) even the most tight spandex/lycra rider this day had to offer, they did however smoke my ass on the long xc-ish sections - but I can live with that. Mikael broke his shoulder, and Kim had a chance to spin his new xc ride seen below, its a Canyon Lux MR.
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I mentioned the new booster-drop a few posts back, and here it is in action. Scaling in at approx 1.6m (5.1 feet) if you simply roll into it. Its not big, but it does considerably boost your speed into a dual jump, that I hope to show you guys soon. Good stuff.
Raw edit. No sound. 8 seconds:

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