Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Video: Source 2010

Finally got my video done from my trip to Poland and Slovakia. Go ahead and check it out, and leave a comment.
Oh, btw, see it in a better quality on youtube:

or watch the embedded version:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Kenda Nevegal DTC 2.3"

This is a tire thats got a legendary reputation in the US, or atleast had. Things has changed, and the Nevegal has gotten some potent competition, but some still swear by it. I had a chance to ride this tire for 3 months, and im not swearing by anything.
Well let me start of by saying that this tire did not perform well on my trail conditions (soft soil, loose, loose over hardpack) - and I only had a few hours of testing in rocky conditions. 
The weight is acceptable, so is the rolling resistance, but the Kenda nevegal disappoints by having a mediocre grip as well. It wasnt that this tire had a bad grip, its just that when when things got demanding, the tire went on to underperform, and the tire would in result give up where other good tires would have continued. The braking was also mediocre, but predictable. The knobs where holding up well, but I have to mention that I did end up tearing the sidewall, it didnt decapacitate the tire, but im not a fan of riding with a teared sidewall.
I would recommed this tire for normal trail riding, as long as you stay on the trails, and away from too demanding climbs. If youre riding XC, or AM then stay away, there are so much better alternatives out there. I wouldnt use this tire for winter riding, so I classify this tire as a summer tire. All in all an ok tire, that does its job right to some extend, but too many unimpressive points lands this tire with a medium rating.

Tested on: Rear
Claimed weight: 700 (+-35) gram
Actual weight: 699 gram
Score: 3/6
(click to enlarge)

Torn sidewalls:
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Preview: Race Face SIXC Crankset

Whats lighter than an XTR crank, 35% stronger in testing, ultra stiff, and has the label: AM. 
Well thats the new Race Face SIXC crank. Race Face has gone all out with their newest SIXC product line, that so far counts a carbon bar, and this carbon crankset. The SIXC ckrankset is the culmination of years of engineering of both carbon and AM products. And Race Face wanted to make the sickest and strongest AM gear, with the lowest weight possible - so far they delivered, and supposedly, this crankset is strong enough for light freeride as well.

I look forward to test this crank, regarding to shifting, strength, durability, and overall mtb-abuse. Ill do my best to beat it up - good. Keep your eyes peeled on the All Mountain Next blog, a review will follow.

I went for the 22-32-Bashguard combination:
(click to enlarge)
There is no alu core inside these arms - its all carbon:
(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)
Optional arm protectors (pedal boots), prevents rocks beating up the arms:
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

August technical trail riding

Met up with Michael and Thomas to battle the technical stuff. Besides trying to push ourself as hard as possible on the descends, we also tried out some crazy and very demanding technical sections. A few limits got pushed, again.

These guys had a big smile on their face all day long:
(click to enlarge)
Just as I though it couldnt get much more steep, picture does not justify:
(click to enlarge)
and here goes:
Thomas giving it a go, on a bit more forgiving section:
And sharing some tips:
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An oopsie; Im going one way, the bike another:

Thanks for a great day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August AM riding

I had the opportuninty to take Christian on a proper mtb ride last week. It was quite diverse, with jumps, drops some technical stuff, and just a good time on the bike.

Secretly, Christian wants my bike ; )
Christian shows me how to table:
(click to enlarge)
Travel well spent:
The ouch of the day:
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things got interesting today..

During our street session, Morten decided to be the first guy on this huge 3m+ drop. Landed it perfectly, props for that.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review: Specialized Deviant 2 Carbon 2010

Need a fullface helmet that also keeps your head cool? Sounds impossible, I know, but the Specialized Deviant 2 might just be your best shot. The original Deviant has seen several small changes since its intoduction, but for 2010 it made its biggest change ever. Gone is the ackward internal size-retention system, and the xc-style interior padding, in comes full DH-style padding, a new chin-bar and a bigger mouthpiece. This helmet has regained its authority.

The Deviant 2 feels snug and comfortable, and works very well with the Leatt Brace. The overall quality is high, and its got some pretty sweet lines to it. My goggles fit well, and the helmet is moulded in a way that keeps the goggle straps where they are supposed to be. I went for the carbon version, as I got a great offer, but I dont see why one should shy away from the normal version, its alot cheaper, and from what I learned, the weight is pretty much the same.
So does it really cool your head? Well ive been riding this helmet for 6 months, ive been using it in variuos temperatures, including HOT sommerdays - ive even used it for a bit AM riding as well. And the answer is yes! The huge vents scattered all over the helmet do their job very well, and the vents are plentifull as you can see on the pics below. For DH and FR, where its often a game of putting the helmet on and off alot, the helmet is just amazing. Ive seen my buddies sweating like hell, whereas I still felt pretty cool, and my face and hair was dry. For AM riding, things get a bit more hot, as I was wearing the helmet for longer periods of time - but at no point was it annoying me. Whats worth mentioning is that this helmet got a pretty big mouth port, so breating is easy, even when climbing, I dont get that breath-recycling feel, ive had with other full face helmets. So is this helmet a portable fridge, or does it still get hot? Yes, it can still get hot at times, it is still a fullface helmet, but I bet its alot cooler than pretty much anything else outthere.

The good:
-Keeps your head cool
-Huge mouthpiece
-D-buckle retension didnt annoy me, as I was affraid it would
-Sub 1kg (medium size)
-Feels and looks quality
-Useable for shorter AM trips.

The bad:
-The carbon version is unnessecary, go for the normal version.

Score 6/6

Vents are plentifull:
(click to enlarge)
And the padding is just right:
(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Go ahead, use it for shorter AM trips as well:
(click to enlarge)