Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reviews in Review

I took a good look at my reviews of 2011, and although I stick to my ratings for the wast majority of the reviews, there was a few adjustment I would like to make. Take a look at what, and why;

661 Kyle Strait vs Fox Launch Pad Pro
I decided to up the score for the Fox Launch Pad Pro, more specifically, the score for its Durability. Ive had these pads for a long time now, and they show very few signs of wear, my 661 pads where in a world of pain at this time.
Check out the revised review here

Michelin Wild Rock'R 2.25"
Its big, durable, rolls easy, and hooks up very good, install it onto the front or rear, this tire will work either way. The fact that its relatively cheap is only adding to the score. GREAT All Mountain tire, that deserves a mark up in its total score, landing it a 6/6. Great job Michelin.
Check out the revised review here

Kenda Excavator 2.35"
One man's rise, is another man's fall. This tire is inferior to the Michelin Wild Rock'R mentioned above. Score is now reflecting that.
Check out the revised review here

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