Friday, January 13, 2017

Breaking the 4th wall

So as a part of my shutting down of the All Mountain Next blog, I am going to answer some of the questions I get in my inbox. Many of them get asked again and again, so let me take some of the most popular ones here;

Anex4real asks:
What bikeparks do you recommend?
Well the obvious answer would be Whistler. It really IS amazing. But I have to admit that the lines in Geneva (Monnetier-Mornex, Jura Mountains), made the biggest positive impression. Some of that stuff still rank among the best lines Ive ever ridden. And yes, there is a lift - just bring a guide tho'.

Minddoctor asks:
What is your profit from the All Mountain Next blog?
None. I never wanted it to be commercial. I guess the monetary independence has always appealed to me.

K12 asks:
Will you continue the blog at some point?
Not really.

OnionRiver asks:
What mountain bike would you recommend?
Depends on what you want to do on that bike. But today we got some seriously capable All Mountain rigs, so I would probably recommend that.

PoWeRoNiCs asks:
Do you often crash?
Actually very rarely. I'm just very lucky I guess.

PoWeRoNiCs asks:
Whats your worst crash?
I slammed my head into a tree once, after doing a drop, and had pain in my neck for like 6-7 months. Then there was this other time where I tore an artery in my foot. Freak accident.

Zana89 asks:
Can you add me in Overwatch?

AlexT asks:
Do you dislike hardtails?
No, I just really don't like them.

Achmad Bisri asks:
How old are you?
I have many ages.

Where is your Instagram?
I actually don't have an account, but I will consider making one.

Quick95 asks:
Can I haz 222mm on my goat?
What is this? but yes.

(everyone) asks:
Is X better than Y?
If its not on my blog in a review, I would rather not comment on it.

Nombre Hombre asks:
How many dicks do I need to suck for you to continue the blog:
Just one.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lost pics of 2016 Part 2/2

A few more pics;

I have a little fun on a table in Villingen Bikepark
(click to enlarge)

Kim hitting the tree-gap
(click to enlarge)

 So does Tom in this pic. I think this was his virgin-journey
 (click to enlarge)

Well who doesn't get an instant erection when seeing some tight spandex. Karl knows this, and plays with our feelings..
(click to enlarge)

Jan about to eat travel on a drop-to-flat
 (click to enlarge)

Tom pulling the eject-lever
(click to enlarge)

Small roadgap in Villingen Bikepark. Oh did we have a lot of fun that day..
(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lost pics of 2016 Part 1/2

The lost pics of 2016.

Some pics get lost, or don't get posted due to my space restrictions (I try to never post more than 6 pics at a time). And sometimes its a shame really, because some of them are actually quite good. Well, this post is where they get their redemption, I found 13 pics worthy of blog-publication (well actually found more, but hey, lets take it easy mkay).
The pics don't have to be dramatic or wacky, it can just be a good remembrance of a trip.

Take a look:
Henning hitting the tree-gap
(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

 Henning in Villingen, we where sessoning some tables
(click to enlarge)

Tom hitting some unofficial stuff
(click to enlarge)

Kim on the platform drop
(click to enlarge)

Mr.Madsen, on a yet-to-be-named booter.
 (click to enlarge)