Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review: Pure Racing KS 900i 2010

Adjustable seatposts has come a long way the last 3 years. From just a few manufactures some years ago, to a quite broad span today, with players such as Rockshox, X-Fusion joining the game, and even Fox has a adjustable seatpost in development.
Thats all good, but the initial seatposts also got a somewhat troublesome start, reliability issues where very prone, and posts like the Crank Brothers Joplin where equal hated and loved for its performance. Well mostly hated. Some of the very first providers of hydraulic adjustable seatposts was Pure Racing. 2009 was a very good year for Pure Racing, as they seamed to hit the nail on its head with their KS900i post, users where complimenting the reliability, and the press had nothing but top marks for this post. Finally - a reliable hydraulic adjustable seatpost hit the marked.

This review has the 2010 version in focus, with its 5" (125mm) of adjustments. Pure Racing has been trying to improve performance even more by adding new DU bushing and open bath oil lubrication, with a tripple seal system.
I have been testing this post for 8 whole months, and its seen all sort of weather and a very big variation of riding, as I believe that adjustable seaposts are subjects for long-term testing (not short-term, as I often see, and that simply doesnt make sense to me).
I found the post to be very reliable, easy to adjust, and it can take a beating. One slightly negative thing I would like to mention is that sometimes my post wont compress down the last 7-8mm. It has no effect on my riding, so it doesnt bother me, but I better mention it anyway - I dont know other KS900i with this issue. Otherwise, its been absolutely flawleess, and riding with an adjustable seatpost has fundamentally changed my riding style - I can never go back to a normal post, as it would definately make me a slower and clumsy rider. Want to enter the adjustable seatpost marked, then go for the Pure Racing KS 900i - its pretty much the best bet right now.

The good:
-The seals really keep dirt out.
-Install and forget - it just works.
-125mm of adjustment.
-Mud doesnt effect performance.
-Possible to install a remote control.

The bad:
-If you havent been using the bike for a few days, then the "first" activation of the post can feel quite hard.
-sometimes the post wont compress the last 7-8mm.

Score: 5/6
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Weight is pretty much standart for its travel:
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If you haven't an adjustable post yet, go get one, it will improve your speed and your technical agility. Alot.
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  1. My KS900i has developed vertical play or sag. About 15 mm when fully extended. Only 5 mm when fully compressed.
    Any idea how to fix this without sending it back to KS? Thanks.

  2. There is a great do-it-yourself guide somewhere for the KS900i on the net, I lost the link tho'.

    The guide shows a lot of troubleshooting, and fixes for the post, its very user friendly, with lots of pics.

    Ill get back to you if/when I find it.

  3. There it is: