Friday, July 31, 2015

Random Stufff

Bunch of random stuff

Back on my bike. Sort of. The foot is way better, and this pic is actually two weeks old. I still walk around as a half retard, but things are progressing, and I had my first real mtb ride a few days ago.
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Mr. Madsen and I did some "urban mtb". But we didn't go as big as Morten did back in the day...
And btw LINK
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Specialized Ground Control 2.3 26 inch. Expect a review.
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Henning inspecting a drop he has been eye balling for two years, its not big-big, but the run-in is creepy as hell. Under the right circumstances, and in right company (wink wink) Henning pushes himself just a tad more, so....
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...He ended up hitting it, and was smiling the rest of the day. 
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Hi-volume tubeless valves from E13, for my never ending project....*facepalm*
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Evil plans are laid out on paper

Saturday, July 25, 2015


My fourth attempt at a ghetto tubeless conversion on my E13 DH wheelset. This time it HAS to work!1


The best conditions possible for ghetto tubeless? :

1) Both tires are Specialized Tubeless ready. Specialized is where Ive gotten my best and most reliable results for a tubeless conversion.

2)Stans Sealant. Comeon, its the best sealant out there.

3) Gorilla tape. Probably the strongest and most reliable tape for tubeless. And I even applied it in a double layer, to really tighten it all up.

4) That's not sealant fluid. Its cum.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Last run in Hafjell Bikepark

 E13 wheelset....Fuck you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2 minutes in Drammen Bikepark

So Drammen bikepark is just outside Oslo, Norway, and we had the opportunity to ride there a single day. I recorded a half hour before my memory card was full, so I only have the first few runs we did.

Now Drammen is a bit unusual bikepark. Many of the lines are very natural, and have a very raw feel to them. Its not really a difficult park to ride, nor is it particular big. Jan and Drea where not very excited about this place (admittedly being blinded by Hafjell Bikepark - and injured). 

I on the other hand liked it alot. Its raw nature was something different, and some sections where crazy steep and technical - I love that. There was lots of tables and berms as well - and who doesn't like that?

Anyway, here is a 2 minute clip from some of the lines the bikepark had to offer. Its hard to see, but there is some serious steep shit in there. Anyway, enjoy. Hope to re-visit some day.

2min. HD available!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Foot job

Well, at least it frees up some time for some video editing : /

Monday, July 6, 2015

Stay tuned..

..critically acclaimed as the best bikepark in Europe.