Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Roadtrip. Day 1/3

We decided to do a 3 day roadtrip. The initial plan was to do an AM trip to the Harz mountains, but this place was loaded with snow. Next plan was to do Winterberg bikepark, but they announced a week prior to our departure, that they wouldn't open the park....because of snow. Bummer. Last plan was to find some spots where snow wasn't present, and just go ride. Simple. It turned out pretty good actually, we even got 2 days of riding in Germany out of it.

Anyway, day 1 was domestic. We met up with our guide Thomas, and he gave us a good tour of his local trails.

Lets start of with one of my best pics of this year. Got really lucky with the light here, it only lasted for a few minutes, before the gray'ish tone corrupted the scenery again . Henning is standing in the middle of it all, complete unaware that he is posing on (perhaps) the best International Picture of the Year... ; )
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Thomas showed us this "secret spot", a line that had doubles, drops, jumps, and a really cool stepup-to-berm feature. Not particularly long, but good fun. Here you see Thomas taking the chicken line next to a jump, on my bike.
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The official trail was xc. But it actually had a few good features and segments here and there.
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Some dude snapped his collar bone on the trail, Henning to the rescue, thank god we got a medic on our team! : D
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It started with evaluation. Then refusal. Then re-evaluation. Followed by reflection...letters got written, speeches where hold, the day passed..
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...then just before my camera died out due to low-batt, he finally went for it : )
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Stay tuned for Day 2, where we took off to Germany, does "Malente" ring a bell for anyone?


  1. Wait a that in Marselis skoven? It all looks a bit familiar!