Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 crashes in Malente

2 low-speed crashes in Malente. Though i'd share them with you.

First one is your standard stuff, I stray a bit too far to the left, hit a log, and do a tumble.

Second crash is more interesting. I have no idea how to ride this double drop. Let me explain how its constructed:

This is the point of view you see in the vid:
(click to enlarge)

This is the setup of the double drop. You drop 1,2m (4 feet)  into plane "A", and just 2m (6.5feet) further ahead is the second drop of 60-70cm(2 feet) into plane "B". So here is my dilemma:

If you ride it too slow, you nose dive as I do in the vid. And crash.
If you ride it too fast (or any other speed than slow) you will scissor the second drop - and crash.
There is no way that you can drop all the way to plane "B", an awkward and short run-in makes sure of that. I...just don't get it. I haven't seen anyone else tackle this drop.
(click to enlarge)

In the video you clearly see me be undetermined as to how fast to go on the double drop.
HD version HERE

Embedded version:


  1. Build some leg muscles, and get up to speed before the drop.
    Anders JM

  2. Manual through the whole thing?

  3. I like the suggestions! Keep them coming : )

  4. I think your speed was not that much off for the drops? you just got your balance wrong after the first one (panic?) and let go?

    I would attempt it "trails" style; rather slow, with a small stall (don't have to come to a full stop I think) in between the drops.

    It doesn't do much for the flow of the trail though.

  5. I think you are on to something, and I agree that it really doesn't do much for the flow. I would rethink that entire feature if I was the trailmaster.