Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mystery solved?

As mentioned at the bottom of this post, my Cane Creek Double Barrel Air had a failure. I got the shock back from service, and have some interesting bits of info regarding the fail.

So this is what TF Tuned wrote back to me:
(click to enlarge)

At first, I didn't have a clue to what could have caused the shock to be pulled out of line. But after some brainstorming, I remembered that I snapped a shock mount bolt, a week before the shock failure. It twisted my shock upon compression, I know that for a fact.

Snapped shock bolt.
  (btw, why do I constantly, snap, break, shatter or bend stuff? all I do is ride xc)
(click to enlarge)

So is it a coincident? Or are these two things related? I think its highly plausible that the two incidents are indeed related. Anyway, the shock is back in working order, so is my 36 RC2 with a PUSH upgrade.

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