Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preview: FiveTen Freerider VXi

The VXi has been delayed for an entire year, and now I finally got myself a pair. The VXi is the first lovechild between FiveTen and the Adidas engineers, and its definitely an interesting shoe:

The VXi has an incorporated hard toe cap, even harder than the "old" Freerider Pro. This is a welcome upgrade. The ankle support has gotten stiffer as well, adding support and protection. The outer material is more tough, but has less ventilation, so I wonder how it fares during those warm summer days.
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The bottom of the outsole is where the VXi really differs from everything else we have seen from FiveTen. There is no pattern in the middle of the shoe, making every foot position equal in grip. The sole itself is stiffer as well, compared to the classic Freerider.
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Freerider PRO is 880g
Freerider VXi is 855g
The Freerider series has been on a continued diet, and added more and more protection along the way, a winning formula?
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Initially not as comfortable as the Freerider or Freerider Pro. I hope its due to the bed in time. Time will tell. Overall quality is solid tho'. The grip is nothing short of amazing.
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So how will the VXi perform on the long term? Is the slick sole a good thing? Will the shoe fry my foot in the summer? How will the new material hold up? Stick around and find out in the comming review, right here at All Mountain Next.

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