Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shock trouble

Quick summary of recent events:

The bad: Turns out that my Rock Shox Monarch RT3 is faulty. Rebound and compressions settings didn't work properly. Huge disappointment! Ive sent it back to and they promised me a quick resolution.
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The good:
Just got the RockShox Vivid R2C 2011. The top of the line coil shock from RockShox. So Im technically still on two wheels.

HOWEVER, the Vivid R2C shock is setup for bikeparks and DH sessions only, its sagged at 30% for that reason - not ideal for techy AM.

So for the moment im riding the coil, and it does admittedly feel a bit weird, a bit unresponsive, and harder to pedal. But as soon as I point the bike downhill, it just blows my mind! Such a sick shock for the descends! Watch out for the preview of the Vivid R2C right here on All Mountain Next.
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