Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Point One Racing Podium Pedals

9 months of testing complete. It was all good and dandy - untill the testing suddenly ended. So lets take it from the beginning; Lets go 9 months back:

First thing that came to mind when I got hold of these pedals is that they are big! Its 100mm x 100mm but thats the platform itself, actual size is bigger. Second thing that struck me was that these pedals are VERY thin, coming in at 11mm, these pedals are literally thinner than your little-finger.

Ive mostly been running these pedals at my local trails. Definitely not a place thats hard on pedals, ive also taken them to several bikeparks, and some evil rockgardens as well. But the pedals mostly (90%) saw pedal friendly trails.
So it came to me as a surprise when they recently died on me. These pedals are some of the most expensive platform pedals money can buy - I figured they would at least outlast their warranty. Somehow the pedal-body torn itself from the axle. Bummer. Warranty has me covered tho'.
So my excitement for the Podium Pedals went from sky high, to pure dissapointment.

The quality is very high - with beautiful CNC cutting at angles and places I didn't even know was possible, it just oozes quality. Work it Minion:
(click to enlarge)

Instead of spilling more words, let me just sum it up for you:

The Good:
-Very thin
-Pedal-BODY is tough
-Big and comfortable platform
-Easy on the eyes, man are they sweet looking.

The Bad:
-Pins can be hard to swap if they get damaged
-They ultimately failed

I hate when stuff fail, and I refuse to recommend you guys stuff that doesnt cut it, score obviously reflects that:

Score: 0/6

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I got some longer pins, increasing grip.
(click to enlarge)
Ultimately it failed
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  1. What exactly was it that failed?
    Did the axle bolt strip? or did it just come undone?
    Ive just ordered a set for myself so would be quite keen to know.

  2. Hi there, well the best way I can describe it that the pedal-body torn itself from the axle. There are small flange like alu pieces near the end of the axle, and they where simply broken away when I inspected the pedal.

  3. Hello VIP. How are you ? Im intending running flat pedals from now.
    Im interested in a lightweight setup combo(flat pedal + shoes. :)
    I prefer Cross-country and Marathon trails. Which pedal and shoes will you suggest ?

    Best Regards,

    Note: Im going to ride an Orbea Rallon.

  4. Hi there, im fine thank you :)

    Shoes is pretty easy: Go with 5-10 shoes, there's nothing better on the market.

    Pedals are a bit more tricky; the Predator pedals with a TI-axle are pretty lightweight, and are known to be both durable and reliable. Go check them out;

  5. VP, thanks for answering.
    Talking about the 5-10 shoes, do you have
    a model in mind to suggest ?

    Best Regards,


  6. Yeah, you should take a look at the 5-10 Freerider shoe. Its a very popular model, and its been improved on for years.

  7. Hello there! This is an older thread ...what happened after this breakage? Was there any warranty issues? I am looking at the Phase 2 of this pedal and it is a lot of money! Have you used the new style? I don't want to be anonynous I am Mark Andrews not very tech-savvy!

  8. Hi there. I got a new "improved" pair on warranty. They broke as well tho' - after 2 years of use. The warranty was without problems.