Saturday, April 16, 2011

April AM

We had some awesome rides lately, some of the more recent lines are still getting dialed in, but they are getting faster everyday.

Sessioning a fun descend, the bike absolutely rips when pointed downwards:
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Drea on his Norco Range, sweet bike
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Some steep tech:
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Mr.Madsen on his Specialized SX:
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Man, why do these things keep happening to me:
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More to come


  1. I am stoked in how you managed to destroyed the pedals so fast.
    The warranty said anything?

  2. Im somewhat less stoked about it ; )

    Good thing is that warranty was flawless, I will be getting a brand new pair within a week. Yay.

  3. and do you still thrust in the pedals?
    I am just concern because a pedals that are so expensive get trashed in less that 1 year.

  4. Well yes I do. It didnt break in any dramatic way, like say, my SuperStar components pedals did, and im quite sure that PointOneRacing has continuous revisions, albeit subtle.

    That being said, I would have gone for the Spank Spike pedals this time around, if I had the chance, and they where actually available for purchase.

    I trust the pedals, but wont recommend them. I hate when gear fails.

  5. aa ok.
    Many thanks for the very honest opinion. It is hard to have a opinion like that in a high end component like the point one pedals.

    The spank pedals seem like some good pedals.

  6. Thanks. I try to be as honest as possible, and I try to crank down the Hype-meter when reviewing. Thats important - if im up to keeping some integrity.

    The Spike pedals definitely look interesting.

  7. At this moment I am running the superstar that you broke but with the standard axles and the canfield ones.
    The superstar so far nothing to say.
    The canfield are nice because they are very thin but are not very durable in terms of bearings and to go and pedal with them with 5.10 is a pain in the ass because they do a lot of noise, drag and are not very comfortable. So I would not recommend the purchase.
    Just in case that you thought in the canfield pedals.

    I as considering the point one to replace the canfield, but now i think that i will go with the spank ones.

  8. Thanks, I was actually considering the Canfield pedals as well.

    Get back to me when you get some action on the Spank Pedals.