Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April AM 2

Been doing a ton of riding, im so stoked about the new lines that I can hardly keep my bike still. 2 tight swithback sections, and a huge whip-compatible(finally) jump with an oversized transition with enough room to land a friggin 747 should you mess up the whip. Handy. No pics yet tho'

Besides sessioning the lines, I managed to continue my gear destruction: First it was the Podium Pedals, then my Camera (third time, fuck you right back Casio), now its my X0 rear derailleur - this really has to stop. Im still riding, so cant really complain ; )

Enjoy the pics, got lucky there.

I really like this picture - it has a sort of anti-symmetric vibe to it. Btw, make no mistake, im working hard here : )
(click to enlarge)
There is a line between all those trees:
(click to enlarge)
Small offcamber drop:
(click to enlarge)
A bit bigger drop, and uber smooth landing IF you get the transition right. Spitfire landing here, takeoff in upper left corner:
(click to enlarge)
Ditching the front derailleur was a good decision, definitely improves on explosive acceleration when needed - the clean look is just a bonus : )

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