Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tatry Mountains 2010 part 1/3

I went to the the Tatry Mountains that devide Slovakia and Poland. These mountain are something different than the ones I was riding in the Harz. This stuff is BIG!
So I went for 9 days, riding all I could, and exploring as much as possible, this place is littered with trails, and some of them are simply breath taking - both in regards to the scenery, but also the technical and physical challenges the rider is subjected to. And I just had a blast, the weather was great, nothing of importance got wrecked on the bike, and I somehow came out without a crash - this was without comparison my best MTB trip yet, one that will stick with me forever. So whats the big deal? Well sit back and let me take you on a little walkthrough:

Where should one start, with breath taking scenes and trails like this, ill simply only scratch the very surface of what ive seen and ridden:
(click to enlarge..please do so)

Trails are plentifull, and the variation is big, its on the higher difficulity scale tho'. Dont bring a singlespeed here, and have a good cardio, expect trial and error, get rewarded with the time of your life on a bike.
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Trails in the mountains are actually not permitted to be ridden on a bike here, they are all hiking trails, for hikers only. That was not going to stop me. This is a picture off a trailhead, wich is guarded (!) by an forest-employee, to stop bikers like me from entering the trails. Btw, note the "Warning - Bears!" sign on the right.
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Expect some very hard trails, these trails are not for bikes, and this shows in every way, root and rock gardens that just goes on for miles. And I just suck it all in with a big smile : ) This is what I came for.
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..hell, some sections where not even ridable.
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..But most of it was. The Tatry Mountains boast some of the best trails ive ever ridden. The trails have an un-touched feeling to them, one that spawns some amazing trails. A perfect place for true AM riding. AM? FR? DH? You got it all here - as I will show you later.

Stay tuned for part 2.


  1. Hey bro! Fancy stumbling on to your blog!

    I really enjoy your posts. Your photos and articles are sick! :)

    I'm from the Philippines.


  2. Thanks man, glad you like the blog : )