Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Preview: Point One Racing - Podium Pedal 2010

Got my hands on the much hyped Podium pedal from Point One Racing. First thing that came to mind when I got hold of these pedals is that they are big! Its 100mm x 100mm but thats the platform itself, actual size is bigger. Second thing that struck me was that these pedals are VERY thin, comming in at 11mm, these pedals are litterly thinner than your little-finger. The quality seems to be very high also - with beautiful CNC cutting at angles and places I didnt even know was possible, it just oozes quality.
I do have my concerns tho'. The steel pins are short, and are drilled from the back in - so I wonder how the hell im supposed to get them out if I bend them. Point One Racing has annonced that longer pins are in production, so are alu pins. But I have to be fair, and mention that the "short" pins are actually doing their job very well - as well as my former, longer, pins.
Other than that I can only say that im looking forward to bash these beauties up, giving them a rough time, and finally review them here on All Mountain Next. Lets hope they last longer than those from Superstar Components..

Quality is evident:
(click to enlarge)
And I thought my Superstar Components Pedals where thin:
(click to enlarge)
With the steel-pins:
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  1. how are the pedals holding up?
    And in compared with the superstar is the grip better?

  2. They are going strong! They are very tough, the platform itself is bigger than the Superstar, I installed some longer pins to get that extra grip. So yes, the grip is definitely better. Best pedals ive had so far.