Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tatry Mountains 2010 part 3/3

All that rock riding. And I somehow got out  without a single scratch :)

So AM riding was plentifull here. But what about FR and DH?  - Sure, the Tatry Mountains got you covered. There is an official DH track here, called Harenda, it hosts the national DH. But I knew there was an unofficial FR/DH spot as well near the main town of the Tatry Mountains , Zakopane. Thing is I actually found it by accident last year. So I went back. When I got to the track, I stumbled upon two local guys, Zbyszek and Grzesiek and their trail dog. While Zbyszek took on the role of a photographer this day, Grzesiek was ripping it. Cool thing was that they showed me around, taught me a thing or two, and we talked about the Polish DH/FR scene:
(click to enlarge)

Grzesiek pinning it. Their track had multiple lines, and about 20 features of this sort. The lines where carefully crafted, and they obviously put alot of time into this. The difficulty was definitely not on the easy side:

Even tho I had alot of fun, my skillset this day was an absolute disaster, nothing turned out the way I wanted, and I generally sucked. But I rode most of it nonetheless - and had fun doing so:

The bike took a beating, or should I say, the wheelset took a beating. The rim got a few dents, but still holds true, and my Schwalbe tire got torn several places:
(click to enlarge)

And hows this for a tube. 8 holes, patched up by 7 pieces of repair-patches. I only had this problem with my rear tire. Somethings fishy in the Schwalbe camp.
(click to enlarge)

Otherwise the bike did great. The Fox 36 rc2 is just an amazing fork, it really shined here, it climbs and descends. I did miss some kind of platform damping on the ISX-6 rear shock, but I managed without. The Chunder SX front tire was amazing, weapon of choice for technical AM, FR and DH. 
So that was my pictorial for my trip. As I hinted before, there is a movie on its way, so look forward to that : )

In the mean time, check this out. This trail was about 30 cm wide, and to the left of me was a fall of 250 meters! 

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