Sunday, July 18, 2010

July AM riding

We took our bikes to the trails and had a blast. Drops, jumps, and a bit technical riding was the name of the game for the 5 hours we where out riding. Kim and Morten are not scared of a little bit of air, so that was our main game this day.

Morten shot this amazing pic:

Speaking of Morten, he really has an unique style, and we saw him doing things we definitely wasn't used to see:

Kim taking care of the El-Grande Drop. He ended up being the fastest guy on it, leaving him with the biggest vertical drop, we estimate it was around 2.2 m. And that drop isn't even broken in yet..:

Kim on the new Speed-Drop. Ride it too slow and you will fail to hit the transition:

Morten and me:

Ready for more.


  1. Hej V.P.

    Lækre spor - hvor er det? Sønderjylland? Jeg bor i Vejle, men kunne godt bruge lidt alternativer.

    Jesper Skriver

  2. Hej jesper. Et godt alternativ til dig ville måske være Blåbjerg, ikke langt fra Henne. Flot skov, og godt spor hvis du kører XC.

  3. Awesome first pic (dust cornering). Do you have a larger version you could send me please?


  4. Hi there Peter. Im sorry, but the image is low-res only. But we recently managed to shoot some hi-res as well, ill upload them here on the blog, stay tuned..