Friday, July 30, 2010

July Jump Session

We packed up our gear and went south. Word was that a small mtb club had made a small Whistler in their local woods. Well it wasnt quite Whistler, but it was pretty damn fun.
Turned out these guys had made jumps, drops, log-rides and shitloads of berms in a small section of the woods. The place had like 4-5 lines, most of them interleaving into each other, and while I didnt quite understand the idea behind every line, some of the other lines just had a really fun flow to them - it was hard to resist riding it over and over again. I did miss a proper drop tho', a big one *hint hint* What a fun day.

Kim on one of the bigger jumps, notice the line that runs below him:


..and alot of jumps:

Kim does a log-ride and drops into a berm, he actually pulled it of nicely:

Lars tried doing the same, and slammed his nuts into the frame, ouch:

Looking forward to next time.

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