Friday, April 30, 2010

Latest in-country DH session

I was out with a friend to fight the downhill sections at Munkebjerg a few weeks ago, and finally got some pics of that session. Weather was good, motivation strong, just mix in some laughs, a few crashes, some rockgarden pfilosophy and you're on your way!

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Erik pinning it:
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I've been tuning the rear shock to be more compliant on the downhills, by running a lower psi, thus going with a bigger sag. I think its around 30-40%. It feels amazing, and so damn faster, but makes me use the end-stroke alot, and makes me flirt with the "bottom out" - problem alot when things get hot. Makes me wish for more rear-shock travel, I guess 180-200mm would suffice for this kind of riding. Picture below shows my rear-shock working in the very end-stroke.

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