Friday, April 16, 2010

Preview: Schwalbe Fat Albert Rear 2.3 Evo

Need a light-weight all-mountain rear tire? Well the Fat Albert Rear 2.3 Evo might be your ticket. This rear-specific tire comes in at just 654 grams, not bad for at large volume casing and SnakeSkin sidewalls.
Schwalbe is claiming tough durability and long living lugs, time will tell if they are right. Speaking of lugs, they seem a bit small, and I wonder if they grip when things get tough. So far the tire has proven itself pretty good. Good for climbing, braking, and even got it into a controlled drift the other day. I need to do some more testing - watch this space.

Finally something that extracts weight of my bike! ; ) 

Nobby Nic in disguise?


  1. it is a great tire, almost as fast rolling as the Nobby Nic, just watch out for wet trails and roots, Schwalbes have a slippery problem when it comes to wet trails, rocks or roots the grip nothing in those conditions...

  2. or maybe try the Gooey Glue Compound watching your pics and video, in those wet conditions the EVO SS might be waaaay to slipeery and grippless

  3. Thank for the tip. Im still to test this tire in "true" wet conditions, so I cant really comment on that yet. It sticks to the dry tho'. I need to do some more tests.

  4. The Review is up: