Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gear updates

A few random shots, and some thoughts to accompany it.

My latest Point One Racing Podium Pedals are still going strong. Sure its lost some pins here and there, but overall they have been doing great since mid-2011. Perhaps I was unlucky with my former set.
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I did a very positive review of the Fox Launch Pad Pro some time ago. But after a year of use they started to annoy my skin, just above the knee actually - its the red stuff on the pic.
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The annoyance resulted in the purchase of the 661 2012 EVO Knee. Relatively expensive, but you get that 661-knee-comfort, that few players match. These pads has their cons and pros, but overall im positively surprised, there is a big BUT however. I will do a full review shortly and let you know what im talking about.
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New shoes from FiveTen, its the FreeRider PRO. The Pro model adds a hardened toe box, and an ankle support. The ventilation has once again been improved, and  the weight has gone down as well, about 80 grams, FiveTen is obviosly very keen on improving their most popular shoe - good job guys.
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So its been more than an year of ONE riding. Still a great bike, that I really enjoy to ride. The low BB took some time to get used to, but today its something I enjoy, and its definitely a charming side of the bike
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  1. Hi! I'm from the Philippines and have been following your blog. Very informative!

    Re: the Fox Launch Pro "allergy," I'm using the same knee guards and experience the same itchiness after prolonged use. When I have it cleaned, I don't get that itchiness until it's been used repeatedly until it smells funky and that's when it starts to itch again.

    Pads have "saved my knees" several times already though. Bought it thanks to your review. :)

  2. Hi there, glad you like the blog : ) This was the first time the pads started to rub my upper knee like that, there was no issues before that, so I had an entire year of use without issues. I tried to give them a wash but the rubbing started again . I saw it more as an opportunity to try something new ;)

  3. Hello V.P. How are you ?
    You have mentioned that you have purchased
    the 661 2012 EVO Knee.
    I m interested buying one pair for me.
    I'd like a more flexible knee pad to be able
    pedaling for a long period.
    Could you address the pro's and cons about
    the 661 EVO knee ?
    Best Regards,

    ps: You said you have positive and negative experiences with this product , as you mentione in the part of the post below.
    "... there is a big BUT however. I will do a full review shortly and let you know what im talking about."

  4. Hi there, well to quickly summarize my initial thougts without making an actual review, it would look something like this;

    The good:
    -Fit these pads has to be the most comfortable I have tried. The bed-in time is short as well.
    -the cover some shin as well.

    The bad:
    -I wouldn't use the pads if I was riding a place where sharp rocks are common. The pads are more for blunt-force impact.