Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Shelter Frame Protection

So after 7 months of use I can finally conclude my review of the Shelter frame protection. And before I explain what so special about this frame protection, you should see for yourself:

It contains two 55mm X 500mm strips, enough to plaster most of your bike, and downtube.
(click to enlarge)

I have been using this frame protector in obvious places like the downtube:
(click to enlarge)

..And on the chainstay as well (even tho its pretty hard to see in this pic). Holds up surprisingly well
despite the fact that this place gets smashes by the chain all the time.
(click to enlarge)

It comes in handy when using a dual crown for as well. My frame doesnt have an integrated frame protector for dual crowns, so the Shelter Frame Protection comes in quite handy here.
(click to enlarge)

There is not much to say really, it does its job, and Shelter sticks to the frame as it should, even after all this time, and after all the washing, rain, dirt, rocks and whatnot, it still sticks. So the durability is definitely there. I cant find any flaws about this frame protector, score reflects that.

Score: 6/6

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