Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weight Shaving Game part 1/2

When I came back from my trip to Poland and Slovakia I realized that it was time to shave some weight of the bike, as its gotten fat and heavy ; ) There is always that balance issue, as to keeping the bike strong and reliable, but at the same time trying to reduce some weight. I really dont buy into the hardcore weight weenie obsession - it doesn't spawn good mountain bikers - I do however sometimes see an opportunity to shed some grams. I wont go into ridicules compromises, e.g. im currently using a heavy 930g front tire - and its staying right where it is. So all im going to say is; Im doing this for the fun of it, and I wont castrate my bike for the sake of grams. Allright; lets begin:

This is my bike setup for when I was in Poland and Slovakia. Alot of the stuff on the bike was heavy-duty - for the sake of performance. Here it was specced with a freeride tube from Maxxis (300g) on the rear wheel, the Specialized Chunder SX dual-ply front tire (1050g), and the ISX-6 rear shock (480g) - among other things.

(click to enlarge)

And the weight is 14.03kg (30.87 lb) :
(click to enlarge)

So I swapped out some obvious things to make the bike lighter, but still keeping it strong and reliable. Changed the heavy tube, with a normal one, installed a single-ply Specialized Chunder tire (same size, but at 930g), put on the AFR-shock - its actually a good performing AM/trail shock at 280g, changed the XT cranks to RaceFace SIXC, put on a XT cassette and a Kmc chain. 

Ok, a bit lighter now at 13.36kg (29.26 lb):
(click to enlarge)

There is still alot opportunities to further reduce weight. Ive got some pretty damn heavy wheels (2200g), a heavy stem, bar and rotors. Ill look into these things in part 2 - at some point. For now its all good. 

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