Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: BBG Bashguard 2010

I previously mentioned that Keith Bontrager once said: Light, Strong, Cheap - pick two. Well now I know that you dont have to settle with the two.
Light - this is one of the lightest bashguards on the market today, very few even comes close.
Strong - Ive been beating this guard all I could, it still holds up. BBG claims its "indestructible", I would perhaps not put all my money on that claim, but it does show and tell that they believe in this product.
Cheap - Yearh, its pretty damn cheap.
So is it all good? Well pretty much, but I do want to mention a single thing. When bashing this guard up, I sometimes broke the bolts holding the bashguard itself. Its as if the bashguard doesnt translates the impact forces away from the impact itself, and therefor absorbs all the power into the bolts, therefor breaking them. this happened 3-4 times, during 7 months of testing.

The good:

The bad:
-Doesn't spread the impact forces out well.

Score: 5/6
Light, very light. This is the 32t version:
(click to enlarge)
Its taken a little beating, but holds up just fine:
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  1. Nice review. Was wondering if you have any other bash rings to compare in regards to the bolts breaking off eventually after impacts? Wanted to confirm if that was specifically due to this bash ring, or inherent with all bash rings. I like this, just wasn't sure if a different ring would be better because i'd rather have the ability to ride out than have the crank collapse due to broken bolts!! Thanks!

  2. Thanks. Yearh ive been using the 32t version from Straitline. Worked fine without any bolts snapping. I did minimise the snapping by exchanging the bolts to metal bolts. The snapped ones where alu.