Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harz 2010 - Trip 4 - part 2/3

Second day went to the Hahnenklee Bikepark, the weather was cloudy, and the trails where a bit muddy and wet, well that just adds to the challenge.

Lars doing the northshore section:

Some local dude posing for the camera:

Bikesetup for these days was a bit different from last time I had my trip to the Harz. Most notably is the FOX DHX coil shock, also installed a new rear wheel tire, the Kenda Excavator to be more specific, it can only be better than that piece of shit performance I got out of the Schwalbe Fat Albert in wet conditions. To top it off I installed Maxxis FR tubes to steer me away from snakebites:
(Click to enlarge)

After beating up the park for the time, I really started to see its short commings (dont get me wrong, its a blast, particullary if youre a handfull guys dicking around the trails in a cat'n'mouse run), but this place is small, doesnt have any big drops or jumps, lacks a proper amount of features, hosts no rockgardens, pretty much no berms, and is short - but much more obvious, is the lack of flow. Its all a case of: "Lets make X, and Y, and lets connect those two points with... err, something!" no real though has been put into this park. Its a good beginner-bikepark, but not more than that. 

I dicided to reorient and head out to see something else, different and new. I went to Braunlage Bikepark, the newest bikepark in Harz, its just a little more than a year old, and allready strives to be the bikepark to visit when going to Harz - could this bikepark have something Hahnenklee didnt? Stick around for part 3 to find out.

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