Thursday, September 16, 2010

September AM riding

Been on quite a few rides recently, ive had so much fun this month on my favorite trails. It struck me the other day; as a rider progresses, so should the trail. Got a jump thats getting too easy? Tear it down, rebuild it, and make it bigger, more difficult or faster. Innovate, and challenge yourself, do stuff you didnt think about 3 months ago, its amazing how that can evolve your riding skills. Ok, thats just me thinking out load, here are some pics:

To make a true step-up jump is more challenging than we initially visualized. It takes alot of testing, and alot of fine tuning. And there she is, the prototype, behind me:

We realized that alot of speed is needed to make it satifying big, so thats beeing tweeked - in the best way possible. Landing area is seen where the red bike stands on the far right. Christian takes a test-shot:

Got myself on a coil now (FOX DHX 4.0 2010), man its great for aggressive riding! So damn progressive in the end stroke - its like im on a 200mm bike now when doing bigger hits ; ) More on the (TF-Tuned) coil later on:
(click to enlarge)

A bit fun on the coil:

The bigger coil test is right around the corner, stick around.

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