Friday, June 3, 2016

Park Grinder Part 1/3

Once again we took off to a few parks in Germany, the vaterland of schnitzels and questionable fashion. This time I went with the bit older gentlemen...I am going to get killed for that comment. 

Anyway, check it out:

This feature in Winterberg has to be one of the most fun gaps I have ridden, and by pulling and adding speed, it was possible to get quite alot of airtime out of it. Just dont fall into the will die an instant death and get super-aids.
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Kim on a table
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Small gap in Villingen, note my new hoops (I guess they need no introduction as to what brand and model they are ; )  )
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Thomas on his way to a crash, this is how his foot impacted the ground, before crashing further down. He walked it off, as he does with all his crashes.
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Little roadgap at the end of the DH tracks in Willingen. Btw, I'm in the process of testing the new 100% Aircraft Carbon helmet.
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Mr.Madsen, takeoff and landing.
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Stay tuned for Part 2 

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