Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gear gear GEAR Part 2/2

More gear:

So Jan decided to join the YT Capra gang, and got himself a carbon version as well. Its pretty much stock in this pic, but he told me that a new airshok is on its way.
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This is the new helmet from 100%, the Aircraft. Claimed to be the most ventilated helmet on the market. This helmet is litteret with vents (25 vents actually), uses aerospace carbon and the air-intake ports at the mouth are huge, this, coupled with its low weight (1006 grams) made me go for this model. And looks like 100% vent all in, even the d-buckle is made out of titanium to keep the weight low. Only drawback; its also one of the most expensive helmets out there.
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This helmet is just beautiful, pics does not make the architecture justice. Here you see the rear exhaust ports.

My first impressions are very positive, Ive been using it on extremely hot days in the bikepark, and its surprisingly cool and comfortable considering its a fullface helmet. I might do a full review.
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Wanted to try something new, so got myself the BOS VIP'R 2.1 for my YT Capra. The shocks has a rebound adjust, and a somewhat simple 2-step compression setting. This 2.1 version of the VIP'R  has some of the BOS KIRK technology inside, just in a low-weight package. The rings you see beside the shock are for the tuning of the shock. 

My first impressions are a bit split, the beginning and mid-stroke is amazing, but the end stroke is a bit to harsh, so I might remove some of the rings to get a more linear feel in the end-stroke, stay tuned for a review.
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