Monday, May 2, 2016

The problem with Fox...

...Is that they continue to have a too hard compression rate.

Whilst not a empiric study at all, We have tried to show of the difference between the two forks:

Raw data:

2016 FOX 36 FLOAT FACTOR vs 2015 Rockshox Pike RCT3

-Both forks are 160mm
-Both are set at about 20% sag
-Fox has its high and low compression setting set to absolute zero(open)
-Pike is set to "Open"
-We rode the same line in the video, at same speed.
-We tried to switch bikes to compare feel (not shown in vid)
-Rebound was very close to same speed on the forks.
-Both bikes are YT Capras

And the conclusion was clear; the Pike felt more smooth to ride, the fork used more travel to absorb the terrain. We both agreed that the Pike was more fun to ride, and a tad faster. Don't get me wrong, the Fox 36 is not a bad fork, its great, but the Pike felt better.

Nonempirical test. Shot at 240fps, last part is reduced to 480fps.

Dear Fox, look at what Rockshox and BOS does.

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