Monday, May 9, 2016

Preview: Adidas Terrex Trail Cross 2016

Is this the FiveTen killer?     *shock!*

This shoe probably slipped under your radar didn't it? Well its the Adidas Terrex Trail Cross shoe, the Adidas attempt at a shoe for platform pedals. Im nearing my first month on these shoes, and here are my quick notes;

Surprisingly stylish. Stiff bottom, a hard toe, and ankle section.
(click to enlarge)

Note the bottom pattern, finally a shoe that's easy to climb with as well for those session days, even on rainy days.
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813grams does not place it among the lightest shoes, nor the most heavy.
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 Adidas owns FiveTen, so they have the right to the Stealth rubber. And the the durable stealth rubber, not the self destructive MI6-rubber found in the new line of FiveTen.

YAASSS!!! Finally a bungee for laces! Mah gawd we can send freaking astronauts to the moon but can't control laces (FiveTen wakeup!)
(click to enlarge)

First impressions are very positive, I will however add that they take a bit to bed in.
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So how do these shoes fare, and how do they compare to the platform pedal shoe maker giant FiveTen, well stick around as I write my final review.

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