Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review: FiveTen VXI elements

So I'm finally concluding my sixth month on the FiveTen VXi Elements shoe. New and improved upon, well that's what FiveTen says anyway. They resemble the classic VXi shoe, and in many ways they do, there is however a big difference; they use a brand new rubber compound; Mi6 rubber, according to FiveTen its their most grippy rubber yet. 

The outer fabric is a DWR treated synthetic upper that repels water. Inside is a PUR foam insulation that wicks sweat but adds warmth.
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The big deal about the VXI Elements is the Mi6 rubber. Supposedly it had the best grip yet. And yes, it really is sticky.
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Weight (Actual, same size):
Original Freerider is 960g
Freerider PRO is 880g
Freerider VXi is 855g
Freerider VXi Element is 795g
The diet obviously continues..
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Comfortable and protective.
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These shoes can take a small shower..but when it really gets wet, the problems become more apparent, water can simply not escape. So that DWR treated upper actually works against the shoe in the end.
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This is after a month of intense use....hmmmmm....
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This is after 4 months, I didn't appreciate that huge open hole.
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So is the FiveTen VXI Elements a good shoe? The short answer is no. The Mi6 rubber is simply too fragile. Before I knew it, I had a big hole beneath the shoe, and at this pricepoint, this simply isn't acceptable. Sure it has loads of grip, and its a great shoe if you are into some protection as well, but otherwise, just stay away, and stick to the FiveTenVXI(classic).

The Good:
-Repels water
-Sub 800g weight
-Rubber is sticky as always
-Stiff bottom
-Great protection

The Bad:
-Very low durability
-Trapped water is just that. Trapped.
-Relatively Expensive

Score: 1/6

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