Saturday, November 29, 2014

Empirical castration

Castrating trail features is really not something I usually believe in, and definitely not something I advocate, well unless it makes a lot of  sense.

That was however the case of a 2m (6ft) drop on a line called Middlemeat. The feature was a 2m drop into a bad transition ("Section B"), it was simply way too harsh. Its a drop that was supposed to boost you into a jump, but the furious bottom out actually did the opposite! Some adjustments where made to the size (reduction to a 1,5m(4ft) size) and that allowed for a way better transition ("Section A")Now its a feature that's a joy to hit, and actually does boost your speed as initially intended. A successful castration!

Section "A" is where you want to land. Section "B" is where the rider landed. You don't want to land in "B"..

So this is how it was before the "castration". 2m(6ft) drop into "Section B". The impact forces where brutal. You can almost see how I squish..
(click to enlarge)

This is how it is now. 1,5m (4ft) drop into "Section A" Way more easy and more enjoyable. Just as exciting? No, but its all about finding the right balance.

This is what got removed:

Hitting it now.
17sec. Simple Edit. No sound.

To somewhat compensate for this castration, a new 2m(6ft) drop was finished elsewhere, the transition there is spot on.

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