Monday, November 24, 2014

Leron's simple front-suspension tip

Leron is a mountainbike guide from France, that I met on my Alps trip, he is a former region and local DH champion, and he had some tips for me regarding front suspension. I thought I would share it with you guys. I'm not keen to tamper with my front settings, I guess i'm a bit conservative in that regard, but I listened to his advice and here is what he told me;

The idea is to make to front work alot more in the middle of its stroke.

So this is what Leron says;

-Set sag at approx 25%-30%
-Keep the low-speed compression on the low side
-Keep the rebound on the fast side
-Lube your inner stanctions as often as possible with a silicon spray, to reduce sticktion.

I understand these terms are somewhat loose, but you get my(his) point. Its simple, but made my front sooo much better and Im still rocking it here on my local trails. Try it out! Its easy to do - You got nothing to loose.

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