Saturday, March 15, 2014

When 35mm is big enough..

Ive never really advocated new "standards" here on my blog, in fact, I've mostly advocated against it. But this time around ill make an exception.
The industry is pushing a new bar and stem standard; the 35mm size. 35mm bars and stem allows for lighter weight components while remaining not only as strong as its 31,8 counterparts, but stronger! Yes, there you have it, stronger and lighter. And that makes it interesting =  no drawbacks. 

I decided to change my cockpit on my DH-bike, from the standard 31,8, to the new 35mm. This is what I went for;

Easton Havoc Bolt-On 35. Adjustable from 45mm to 50mm. At a crazy 110grams - and that's with steel hardware. And since its Easton, you can be sure its been tested to withstand even the coldest Putin-stare.
(click to enlarge)

Easton Havoc 35 Carbon Bar. 800mm, 35mm clamp size. Easton is right up there with ENVE, when it comes to carbon quality, hence my choice. I took out my saw and reduced it to 780mm, my preferred width for the big bike.
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Complete bar and stem combo. 330g.
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Complete bar and stem combo it replaces. 508g. A Renthal Fatbar 780mm (probably the most comfortable bar I've ridden btw) and a Superstar Components Zero Fifty 50mm stem.
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Raw weight data. You know you want it:
(click to enlarge)

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