Monday, March 24, 2014

Best vids of 2013

I uploaded 26 vids onto this blog in 2013, here are my 6 best vids of that year. Sit back and enjoy.

In chronological order:

"Frost 2013" was the first vid of 2013, and has to be one of my best edits ever. The footage, music, and scene choice just feels right. Its a vid I'm proud of.

"I welcome Spring" ..Was driven by the influence of beer. I make my most energetic edits when drunk, and this is no different. Its doesn't always make sense, but it doesn't have to. The intro, the cuts, the footage, the outro.. it still makes me smile when I watch it.

"Like a BOS" was shot in just an hour, and editing didn't take much longer either, but its still one of my favorite vids of 2013. Great energy, and an awesome day.

"Treegap" actually came into existence more by accident than actual planning. We just wanted to document me guinee pigging the tree gap, and have some footage in case I died. But that didn't happen. I ended up having alot of footage, and decided to make this edit. I think it came out pretty good. It still takes me back to that day.

"3" Drea and I went to 3 different bikeparks in 3 days, this vid is the product of that. I almost hit a kid during a descend in this vid, and that has to count for something ; )

"Slow 2013" is a huge collection of high speed footage recorded in 2013, I think that the vid came out pretty good, so go ahaed and watch it.

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