Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reviews in review

I took a good look at my reviews of 2013, and although I stick to my ratings for the wast majority of the reviews I've done, there was a few adjustment I would like to make. Take a look at what, and why;

Twenty6 Predator Ti Pedal 2013
The pedal ultimately failed, and there is little room for that in my book. I hope the 2014 fares better, but for now, the 2013 model is having its review adjusted.
Check out the revised review HERE. 

Canfield Brothers Crampon Magnesium Pedal
Its not often that I get negative feedback on a review, but I actually got some for my review of the Canfield Brothers Crampon Mag Pedal. The critique was that I scored it too low, and that it had way more grip than I credited it to have. The response made me curious, I went back to the Crampon pedal, and tried to make it more grippy by removing pins, to add more weight-per-pin. I tried different configurations, and the results where still the same; While there was a little improvement grip-wise, this pedal still stood in the shadows of the Twenty6 Predator Ti Pedal, and the Point One Racing Pedal.

The score has not been altered, I stand by it.
Check out the review HERE.

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