Monday, February 11, 2013

The lost pictures of 2012 Part 2/2

The lost pictures, part 2.

be sure to check out the lost pics of 2011 and 2010.

I usually refrain from using black/white pics. But it actually fits nicely here. What you see here is a very happy Janus, pushing his Devinci Wilson.
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Christian on the Bunker line. I really like the lighting in this pic, and how the trees "frame" this picture.
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A very focussed Henning, while still on his hardtail. Just entering the first drop on "Your Mom". Its cool to see him develop at an exponentially rate, when pushed.
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Hitting a stepdown, man it feels like ages since I last hit that line. Good times, good fun.
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Hitting the Church line while it still was in the middle of its design and construction phase. There is an intriguing asymmetry to this pic, that I really like.
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So that's it for 2012, hope you enjoyed. Btw, I just stumbled upon some unused video footage, that's worth posting. Stay tuned for that (I think).

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