Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First run on A-Line, Whistler Bikepark.

All this hard drive searching for old pics and vids, made me stumble upon my massive Whistler folder. 8 gigs of footage - way more than I care to filter. But on the other hand, its a shame to let it collect dust. So I managed to at least render some of it, namely my first run on the legendary A-Line.

A-Line is ridiculously fast, has big tables all over, and the flow is just legendary, so much so that pretty much every bike park out there tries to mimic the "A-Line Feel" to some degree.

So whats in the vid?
First of, I met with freeride legend Brett Tippie. Such a cool character!
I go on and hit A-Line with Paul and Ian. Paul was a local rider, and an absolute RIPPER!
I'm sort of glad that I didn't die at 4:49, that shit was TIGHT : )
At 5:19 I hit the GLC drop, It was definitely less terrifying than I thought it would be.

Remember, this is my first run on A-Line on a rental bike I wasn't familiar with, I case some tables, I'm not that fast, and I cut a few berms here and there. Otherwise, I think I did just fine. Enjoy.

Watch in HD HERE

crappy embedded version:

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