Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Testing a bike, and an air shock

Drea has a new toy, and whats more fun than testing it out, and giving it some spins? I'm in the process of dialing in my new Cane Creek Double Barrel AIR. So we decided to join forces and have a good testing-session. The plan was to hit fast flowing lines, with the opportunity to catch some air as well. We did just that, for an entire day.

The new bike a a Specialized Enduro Carbon Expert. It has a 160mm 34' up front, and a 160mm rp23 in the back. Roval wheels and a Specialized Command post.
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Drea was on a XX1 drivetrain. About damn time SRAM gets into a single front-ring setup. He applauded the XX1 group, but he did stumble into some mechanical troubles on this day tho'.
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Drea wasn't the only one testing gear. I'm on my third week of Cane Creek Double Barrel Air testing. I have it pretty much dialed in now. Its sagged high (about 20%), I cranked up the low speed compression, and adjusted the high and low speed rebound to be relatively slow - just the right setup for my favorite trails. This setup makes the bike feel snappy, fast accelerating, and very responsive - don't expect sitting in a couch tho'.
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Drea told me that's its been a while since he last did some air time. He started out a bit stiff, but quickly grew more and more comfortable on the bike (and in the air), this was particularly evident when we revisited some of the lines we started out with.
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Making some adjustments to the rear and front suspension. Its obviously all part of the game.
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Drea giving Your Mom a go. This trail was slippery as hell, and sketchy because of it. We sessioned it a few runs and decided to continue. I did manage to shoot this pic of drea hitting a table.
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29 sec of good times on the Church Line. with sound.
embedded version:


  1. Hi Mate,
    I have been reading your blog for a few years now - since starting to look at the Canfield really. I an currently running a Large the one with the DBAir. Interested to hear what exact settings you are running. I am currently using the suggested CC settings (HSC-1, LSC-8, HSR-2, LSR-20). The LSC seems a little low on most 'less demanding' trails, but feels better whenever I have more decent and rock gardens.

  2. Hi there, glad you like the blog, hang on, ill get back to you with the exact numbers. : )

  3. Sorry for the delay, here is my data:

    230 psi

    HSR: 3.5 turns from min.
    LSR: 3 clicks out from maximum.

    HSC: 1.5 turns from min.
    LSC: 16 clicks out from maximum.

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